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Prepare For The Worst!

Prepare For The Worst!

Oh lord Jesus Christ save us (Sweet Brown Voice) from the crazy influx of 360 no scope montage makings tweens coming this fall. But MWN WTF are you talking about? The video above from Machinima hit my sub box & I instantly became afraid. See I was aware that the PS4 was going to have the share function. You hit the share button on the controller and you could upload your footage online. What I wasn’t aware of is the Xbox One is going to have a similar feature as well, but Microsoft decided to one up Sony. Not only will the NSA Box have the share function, but also a built in video editor. That means all the 12 year olds out there with dreams of becoming the next Faze Fakie are going to have the tools to do so.

Think about it! Quick Scope montages on Youtube are going to double, triple, quadruple … shiiiiiiiiiiiit who knows? It’s impossible to estimate how many racist little kids will plague Xbox Live shouting absurd things out of frustration for not being able to get that 720 no scope clip they so desperately need to be the next Youtube Super star! Disregard that last run on sentence though. Seriously! How will you prepare for the Youtube apocalypse coming this fall? All you’re going to see is bull shit like the video posted above. I don’t know about you, but I’m buying a helmet!

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  • Ben

    That is horrifying I never even thought about it. O.O You know what though, there are tons of no scope montages uploaded already, and with my YouTube viewing habits, youtube never sends them to me, so although it is scary I’m not terribly worried, for myself anyways. And if I am to see, for example one of my friends is to share their own “super dope dubstep 1080 no scope montage faggot clan for life” on facebook or something I’ll just know I’m hanging with the wrong kind of people.

  • 12theblackfox21

    Oh yeah here we go. I totally hear you MWN they’re gonna come in like a flash flood. I have to make sure I train my little brother to stray away from CoD fags like these lol

  • dicksauce302


    • https://www.youtube.com/user/AltaiWS Altai

      Lol u mad?

      • dicksauce302

        stfu you fucking nigger youre probably a little kid since you still say “u mad” fucking shut up kid

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/AltaiWS Altai

          lol u still mad?

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/AltaiWS Altai

          Lmao your name is Dicksauce stfu you a fucking clown. xD

        • https://www.youtube.com/user/AltaiWS Altai

          Lmao you can suck the sauce off my dick bitch.

        • http://www.blackcholly.com Altai

          Lol you’re name is “Dicksauce302″ yet you’re trying to call me a little kid. xD

        • http://www.blackcholly.com Altai

          I accidentally left your dumbass 4 responses on accident, but it’s all good. Cause your mom is still on my dick bitch.

    • I_am_Chase

      why use racial slurs against someone you know nothing about its his channel and website he can do what he wants and if you don’t like it you need to unsub also why are you calling people “FAGGOTS” when you are the one who put dick in your name

    • Juan

      Bruh im sorry 4 u and yes u r welcome its not tht big of a deal

      • dicksauce302

        you dont make fucking sense dumbfuck

        • black_jesus216

          Do I not or do you not understand like I said Your Welcome

  • David

    I know a lot of Faze and kids from youtube moving to ps4 because everyone else is. So yeah. Ps4 will have all them this gen.

  • Skinny

    I’m just going to stop playing call of duty all together.

  • http://www.youtube.com/DJFusionT DjFusion

    Yeah look at it vice versa. Itll be entertaining watching a 13 yr old kid failing at making vids lol

  • UncleTrill

    Fuck COD and all them racist ass 12 year olds

  • Juice1286


  • Omararabswag

    Yo what is a DRM if someone could tell me it would be nice thx.

    • Efreezy 2 Breezy

      DRM stands for digital rights management its basically the ability for gaming companies to control their product after the sale for example currently there is no drm meaning when u buy a videogame it is yours noone can tell you what to do with it with drm its more like ur renting the game it does have its pros and cons however

  • http://people.ign.com/sebrinholmes Sebrin Holmes

    @Omararabswag DRM is digital rights management basically a way for a system or company to check if what you are running is legit and to keep an eye on your system. To do this the system my be connected online hence, the always online fiasco. As for the topic on hand I do see some positive and negative to the video capture and in the xbox one editing software. Positves is that some will find interesting ways of using this maybe a friend needs help on a game and you recorded a clip of the best way to beat that part. There are endless possibilities that come from this feature that is positive maybe you might want to record the moment you received your platinum trophy to show off. Now for negatives you hit it right on the nail the little kid Cod players will go overboard with this to where youtube will be flooded with these clips. Besides this I think but hope im wrong that it does not take away from the real long time YouTubers that channel has thrived off of there videos of Cod montages. In the end we will have to just wait to find out, and see what the future will hold for these features in both consoles.

  • Efreezy 2 Breezy

    i could care less about the game capture i like that some games have their own recording services for multiplayer so you can show ur friends a clip but other than that im not a youtuber and im not a wannabe faze or optic quickscoper but yea expect a barrage of montages on youtube

  • George

    Man, more Quick Scoping bullcrap? These kids need to know that those clans are fake and that they should do something worthwhile.

  • Emmanuel

    I get where you are coming from, but there is a really easy solution to all of this, just stop watching this kin of videos and warning your loved ones about this kind of stuff and remember only YOU can prevent forest fires, and 12 year olds on youtube

  • JusJey

    Hey MWN!

    I’m trying to reach out to you concerning a LAN Party that Universal Pictures is throwing for their latest film, 2GUNS – starring Denzel Washington, Mark Wahlberg and Paula Patton. The party will be Wed, July 31st @ 9pm. Please contact me at your earliest convenience. We are looking for AA gamers in the Los Angeles area to come out and play, support, tournament, etc. Hit me back ASAP.

    Thanks! – Jfloyd@Alliedim.com

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/CuzImBlvck KingLoveJones

    1.How you come on a website called modern war”NEGRO”.com and call him a nigger. 2. The art of game capturing is dying (if it really is art). These features will effect the real commentators and making it harder for them to get acknowledge. I honestly don’t like this feature for the fact that if you went and bought a capturing device than that would make you more dedicated towards uploading, but if it’s just given to you than niggas will just upload bull shit whenever they get board. also i do digital media how the fuck can anyone edit anything worthy with a xbox controller -_-. This will probably do more bad than good when it comes to youtube and partnerships. But just imagine hearing a commentary done on a kinect. lol

  • Gorilla Mackz

    Oggghhh, man. My dumbass baby brother honestly believes he’s going to become the next big trickshotter. Like c’mon, get the fuck out with this crap already. Faze already did it, Soar already did it – insert some other clan I don’t know here – these kids are truly lacking in originality. Brings a tear to my eye.

  • Nox

    terrifying yes! but i don’t watch noscope montages anyway. doesn’t bug me too much, but i see the problem though.

  • Tarek El-Beheiry

    I just stole my neighbour’s tin foill to make a hat. I think I’m prepared…

  • http://unsr.enjin.com/ JHP

    Let’s hope the rapture hits before the fall…

  • http://wesleysnipes.com wes bateman

    fuck em all! u knaw mean

  • Nicky Bonez

    hopefully soon they put something in these systems so you can find where these dumb ass kids live so I can go and beat the living shit out of them. hearing lil kids say nigga and other shit like that on the internet just reminds me on why its not worth playing xbox nor ps3 anymore

    • Macaroni time

      Well it is the NSA box

    • Jackie__Chan

      Dave Chappelle tried to invent something like that. Lol

  • Christopher

    I watch montages every now again just to check it out, but I have never subscribed to any channel. Its all the crap. more than likely I won’t even bother buying a next gen console and will just use my 360 as long as possible. I’ll never buy cod for full price, the more I play cod, the more I like battlefield.

  • Hakeem Barnes

    damn, COD montage fuckshit is gonna flud the internet so real niggaz like MWN (you know, niggaz from the struggle tryin to make it) wont be recognized

  • Apex Negro

    You’re definitely right. I stopped watching Call of Duty videos, period, but it suck to see them start tripling. It might subtract views from people that are posting shit that’s actually good.

  • KingLoveJones

    I’m a video editor and i know there aint no way in hell you can edit shit successfully with out a mouse and keyboard let alone on a damn xbox controller. The art of “commentating” is a dying art any way (if it was ever an art). The difference between now and the future is the fact that if you go out and buy a capturing device you will be more dedicated to put out a high quality video, but if everyone gets it for free and built in expect more random bs and 360 no scope trick shots while ordering pizza hut videos. Plus this is going to take a huge toll on people trying to be a partner who is actually worthy of it. There will be good and there will be bad but chances are more bad than good for the youtube community.

  • Guest

    Man my cousins always play call of duty. They’re boring as fuck

  • DFreeze

    This bullshit is strictly for Call of Duty fanboys. The developers of COD aren’t stupid. Even though COD is still pretty relevant they new they were losing at least SOME of their fan base like myself who really stopped giving a fuck after MW2. So, to try an reel some back in? You now have the ability to be like all the other Youtube assholes and make your own montages! I honestly couldn’t give a damn about this feature. If I honestly wanted to record my game play I’d do it right and go get a third-party recorder to at least do it right.

  • Seeguh

    MWN. Xbox one only allows up to 7 seconds of multiplayer footage, and like 30 seconds of Single player footage. Get your shit straight my nigga. #Keepinitreal

  • EJB

    Ain’t got nothing against a good, quality edited montage, but they aren’t all that.

    And what’s with dude’s puttin the no-scopes in there too, shit’s not skillful, its a lucky shot unless you shove the gun up they ass.

  • MastaKeith

    I have to admit the montage posted was pretty dope . Probably the effects with the music that got me. Still some nerdy shots though how long did he practice that.

    • Domenic DeSante

      Its not practice, they just do stuff like that all day and record. They only hit a few crazy shots out of 100. Its seriously a waste of time. Of course some people are better than others, but dont be fooled into thinking they hit those shots consistently lol.

  • RaciallyAmbiguous

    LOL XBox one only records the last 5 minutes! 15 minutes is more than long enough for your average gaming video or a part of an LP but 5 minutes is WORTHLESS. Good job Microsoft, you really couldn’t even keep up in something THIS SIMPLE?

  • Lackingsanta

    Everybody goes to a bad shitty fps that really doesn’t change much to trash-talk to people they don’t know, even when they aren’t even that good.Plus if you have a bad score they automatically attack you for it.

  • Lackingsanta

    The Only good videos are the trolling videos, all the killcams are pure luck or some guy got lucky after recording hours of gameplay.

  • Lackingsanta

    From all the videos of trolling i’ve seen, Battlefield seems to have less kids, really none at all, unless they dont have mics. So yea everyone add battlefield 3 (or 4 if one comes out) to your wishlist if you don’t want to hear squeaky little kid voices anymore

  • Domenic DeSante

    Honestly I thought the trickshotting vids died out, thought they moved on. The community of “commentators” go through phases. First people were into getting Nukes, then it was trickshotting, then it was zombies, then it was trolling, then it was more zombies with day z, and now its back to trolling. Once some of the bigger commentators start to do something new, then everyone follows. A prime example of running with the herd xD

  • Leo Fiasco Del Valle

    Lol I never seen the hype in quick scoping montages . Im an average player on CoD and I quick scope when I get bored and its fairly easy . These FaZe and OpTic kids get worshipped for doing something so easy . Not to knock on them for doing it , just saying . In the video , 9/10 they will be playing domination , using tac inserts , and taking turns spawn killing just to get clips . Thats so boring and unreal .

  • HNIC_Hassan

    no matter i wont be paying for this bullshit game anyway

  • KillForGood

    I’ll use your channel as a safe haven from all of this bullshit


    Don’t forget the shitty commentaries with the connect mic

  • Japree Ddp Rhett


  • Awesomkia

    Meh, cod fanboys are already swamping yt with crappy cellphone camera movies. This is just a slight upgrade, nothing really new.

  • http://www.dadamugamazino.com/ deztructicus

    oddly enough, I’ve not seen a CoD video on youtube for almost a year now. It might flood machinima though :|

  • MF hounDOOM

    What will these 12 year olds and CoD commentators do when the game goes out of style

  • Jackie__Chan

    Dont matter if these dumb ass kids use that tool. I wont be the one watching that shit.