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Are Gamers Really This Stupid?

Are Gamers Really This Stupid?

You ever sit back and ask yourself why you choose this form of media as your favorite hobby? No Really! Why do you love gaming? Personally I love to game because it’s an escape from the real world. Gaming allows me to do things not possible in reality. That’s also most likely why I’m not very interested in sports video games. I can go outside and shoot a basketball, but to save the world with super powers is impossible. This hobby is a stress reliever! What I’m finding though is it’s just the opposite for this new generation. First of all these kids think they’re athletes which is laughable. I don’t care if the government recognizes them as so, but that discussion is for another day. What I’m getting at is a lot of the new generation of gamers desire to be the next Lebron James of COD so bad that it clouds their judgement.

If you weren’t aware back in February I believe; a kid was sent to jail over some comments left on a League Of Legends forum. Him and some pals were shit talking and it led him to say something along the lines of it he lost he’d shoot up a whole school. Nobody on the forum took him seriously, but some random old lady from Canada did. Now why some old lady was on a LOL forum I have no idea. Lets just assume she was a gamer though. The lady contacted American officials and the kid went to jail. He went to jail for domestic terrorist threats I believe. He was just released last week after some kind stranger paid his bail. A few months later and now depressed his whole life is ruined. Why? Because he was dumb enough to post that he’d shoot up a whole school on a popular forum. Might I add at the end of his threat he put “J/K” to let everyone know he was joking. Clearly his sense of humor didn’t appeal to the Canadian.

So where am I going with all this? Well this story has gotten a lot of press on big gaming sites and other media outlets. You would think gamers around the world would take note and watch what they say online, but wrong. Just read another disturbing article on Kotaku. Yesterday (July 24th, 2013) Treyarch released a new patch for Black Ops 2. The patch nerfed (weakened) one of the Sniper Rifles. Apparently the patch reduced damage & fire rate by a few milliseconds to further balance the game. This pissed off the childish COD community so much that a few keyboard warriors and broadband bloods took to twitter threaten one  of Treyarch’s head honcho’s David Vonderharr.



We have kids out her dishing out death threats over video game patches now. Only a week after that boys prison release I ask you; Are SOME gamers really this stupid?

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  • Lincoln McIntosh

    I’m pretty sure those kids didnt hear about the boy bein arrested, but i feel on that one still i actualy stopped playing some of these games because of some of the retards online its just brain banging hearing bullshit every single lobby i got into its madness and theres nothing we can do about it . You’re honestly amazing for keeping it real and exposing these dumbasses.

  • ARMackey

    It’s just a young ignorant generation. Kids who believe that they’re Superman online and haven’t had any legal trouble yet.

    • iamairik

      I do agree that my generation has some major problems. But so do all generations. Ours just has the Internet to film and upload it making all kids between the ages of 15-20 look stupid. We are no different than the other generations. We just have more ways to prove our stupidity (as a whole).

  • max.C

    it just the generation we live in

  • wad92

    It’s not that gamers are becoming stupid or even that children are becoming more.. well, childish. It’s the feeling of anonymity that the internet gives you. It’s the whole keyboard warrior thing, people are braver behind a screen because they feel safe. Go on any gangster rap video on youtube and there is always that one guy who claims to be able to beat up the rapper, haven’t heard of a rapper getting beat up by a member of the public in a long time.

    • Domenic DeSante


      • RobinsonSmiley

        They tried to jump him and he’s not a rapper. Not a good example.

      • Weylie

        Charlamagne isn’t a rapper, he’s a morning talk show host. And he’s said on multiple occasions that he can’t fight.

      • MF hounDOOM

        Charlamagne The God is a radio personality

      • Jackie__Chan

        Aye Lemme get a drop



    • Hype Returns

      *cough cough* sticky fingaz *cough cough*

    • Niggamon

      *COUGH*lil mouse*COUGH*

    • Jackie__Chan

      Yup, that Keyboard Warrior thing is giving these kids liquid courage.

  • Undead Lord

    I hate my generation with such a burning passion. It’s bad enough that I’m forced to deal with these type of people that love CoD and nothing else in real life, but attempting to stray away from it on the Internet doesn’t lead very far. Instead I end up reading news about idiotic children. (I refuse to call them people, as they haven’t learned how to be one yet, clearly.) Which these children threaten the LIFE of someone over the Internet. Especially just one employee, who through some online conversations seems like a nice person. In summary:

    • K1nGxMon3y

      Man I hear you. You can even go a day at my school without some idiot bragging about his K/D. Its just that they take things like its life or death when it was really meant for fun.

      • Jackie__Chan

        If he went to my old high school, he would have been ripped so bad he wouldn’t even wanna play video games no more.

        Talkin about K/D Ratios niggas at my school would have been askin what was is P/D Ratio was.(Pussy/Death) Lmao

  • Letalis Metalis Omier

    The problem is that kids are playing games that were intended for an adult market, this is a HUGE problem. Depending how a child is raised (those who have lived a harsh and difficult life will be able to differentiate between false and reality more easily) they will perceive that virtual environment as reality. These games influence minors who are sheltered as hell like rich little white boys to think they can be god without ANY sacrifice. If there were more age limits on games that would be great! Alas the era of rational and reasonable gamers is coming to an ending. Keep to your cabin! You aid the storms!

  • JustAnotherKid

    The league of legends community is still much more mature than the CoD community by a longshot.

  • $63939563

    I think too many children are taking cod way too seriously for one, and everyone feels more powerful behind a keyboard. Especially kids.

  • Justin Timberlake

    Maybe she thought JK stood for Just Killem’

    • Christian


    • Jackie__Chan

      Lmao damn.

  • Thatniggafromdownthestreet2222

    I swear people keep saying they hate the generation they live in for what? Every generation was bad, you guys act like if you time travel back in the 90′s or 80′s they wont be no murders or kids shooting schools up. But even if this generation is the worst, that tells you something about the generation of these parents k.

    • Jehliel Celestine

      Real nigga shit. Kids have to be taught.

  • valter

    kids sending death threats about how they patched a game to make it better… wow. this is just people who have only played COD in their life and feel like they need to rage about everything, the newer generation.

  • LetsKeepItPG

    I think people choose to game because the supply of pancake batter is running low…People love pancakes…Am I not right …Gamers are pancake addicts, simple as that… If they made a game where you can make pancakes then each and every citizen will be in peace.

  • jordan

    You should of included some of the tweets sent

  • KingLoveJones

    I don’t think its if gamers are this stupid but are people and over the past few years i’ve been on this earth i learned that people are stupider than you can comprehend lol. Some people just don’t think.

  • realgamernig

    nigga you gots a fucking site now nigga you hard as shit mayn. oh yh the whole world need to buy trinadad james dont be s.a.f.e cos for real niggas be sensitive about shit

  • based_dude93

    I ain’t agree bout the sports thing, but i still fucks with this post. Kinda short, but I luhhhhh dat shit, no rainbow.

  • Dylan

    I’m 14 and you’re completely right. most of the cod gamers my age are ignorant as hell. but there are still kids who were like your generation who play for the same reasons as you do. I don’t give two shits about cod and I don’t stay attached to one game. when you think about it though, cod originally had an older age group, and the dumbasses picked off of older people messing around having fun and made it serious. so what i’m trying to get at here is that the alot of gamers my age are ignorant, but if you look past cod to other games, you’ll find gamers you can actually like that are a lot like you were

  • Lil-Mayhem

    I’m 13 and you are completely right I used to play black ops so I can talk to my friends on Mic, cause the games I play aren’t the games my friends would, I stopped playing because its such a waste of time, they take the game so seriously, ill be doing a private match and throw a shock charge and they fucking yell at me saying no shock charges, then whisper “oh my god”, like shut up! Please its annoying, then they have the heart to disfriend me, I feel like people are taking games like its there life and treating life like its a game

    • MF hounDOOM

      That’s why I don’t own the game

  • erik0426

    They really need to crackdown on kids getting M games so we don’t have to deal with those profanity spitting idiots.

  • black_jesus216

    I think the same way that games take us from normal reality and gives us opportunity to be something different momentarily it also gives SOME nerdy lil white kids the opportunity to be something they wish they can be something their not lke a gun slingin gangster who dont give a fuck cuz thats the complete opposite of what they are i.e the internet COD gangster

  • Gary Abd

    people need to realise that what is said online should be taken and serious, even if you do say JK. I dont like it, but im accepting it…

  • SuperBlackManRemix

    The funny thing is, its that kids of all generations are stupid (Look at me dead in the eye and say you never did anything in your childhood) its that with our generation (I’m 17 btw) all of our shit is gonna be twice as worse because the internet can people in serious shit.

    • KillForGood

      Yeah you guys, it can people in some SERIOUS shit.

    • Pindarus

      dat grammer.

  • LeGucci300

    This is insane man i don’t get how one statement like that can cause jail. But think every time we play CoD there are kids saying IM GONNA RAPE YOUR FAMILY and other horrid things but get no consequence. Make perfect sense huh.

  • Gorilla Mackz

    Lmao. I heard about that, and I wonder about it all the time. Just recently my baby brother gave his Xbox account to some loser friend, and if I had not noticed the kid signed into his account that morning, well, he’d be done. Gamers sometimes can get too comfy with the online world, that they don’t think twice what to say or that’ll have a negative effect on them because it’s not the “real” world, but it’s unfortunately treated all the time. 100% agreed, MWN.

  • JHP

    In my personal opinion, it’s fine to troll and joke around behind a screen (I’m sure MWN can relate) but going to far and being careless with what you say is a whole different issue. I think it’s more of parental control issue then anything, parents could give less of a fuck if their little white children are going H.A.M on their Xboxs if they’re out of their hair.

  • MastaKeith

    I don’t think anything kids say should be taken seriously . I think the real world hits people about age 16-20ish. Dependant on their struggle.

    • Jackie__Chan

      In past events they should be taken seriously. These white boys(No offense) be going out and shooting up schools and hurting children. Its no wonder people take these actions serious.

  • CheeseQUI

    I’m white :’(

    • Josiah Grey

      Damn… that’s a shame man, have you gone to see a doctor about your condition?

      Lol jk man x)

      • Pindarus


  • Miguel Coelho

    i truly believe that rage should be banable a game is made for people to have fun , i’m not saying “Oh you killed me , What a Wonderful guy you are i wish we could be best friends for ever” but don’t go “I’m going to murder all of your family when they are asleep and bath on your blood ” keep it to yourself , take a timeout go eat a bowl of cereals while you watch spongebobuu and for those All-Caps Rage Badasses give them 3 months IP Bans and Hardware ID Bans, cause if they stressing out they shouldn’t be playing the game.

  • Pindarus

    Why does everybody play Call of Duty, I have to admit that I played it when the game first came out, but it’s just not a game that you should play all day every day.

    I feel like my gaming generation is full of nothing but kids that play COD because I’ll be in school (I’m a Junior now so don’t think I’m THAT big of kid) and all people talk about is Call of Duty. That’s why I recently switched to PC (built a custom myself like MWN). Build a PC folks.

    • KillForGood

      MWN talks about this in a video called “The COD Effect”. CoD has become a huge part of pop-culture, and has actually become a mean of socialization. That’s why so many kids in your high school have it. If everyone is talking about it, more people join in and play with their friends.

      • Pindarus

        That is true, but I mean some of these kids call themselves “hardcore gamers” and all they play is CoD… I truly think most haven’t played a game other than a FPS in a while.

        I used to play with my friends as well so I know where you’re coming from.

      • Jackie__Chan

        This is whats ruining the gaming community.

  • trillrodgers

    COD fan boys be like…

  • justanothergamer0326

    no matter how bad or how stupid some of the gaming community seems, just remember that there are good people out there who are just looking to have fun and pass time.

  • Domenic DeSante

    Haha but in all seriousness I agree with @wad92:disqus, but times are changing. It’s like this generation of children live to play video games. Its like whenever kids are home all they do is play video games, even the girls. My little brother (who is 12) threw a party at our house and when I come home, I find all 20 or so kids (even a few girls) all hovered around the computer screen taking turns playing mine craft. And my house is the party spot, we got a nice pool, trampoline, BBQ, Basketball court, Sonos Speakers all over the place and they choose to stand around a computer screen and watch each other play mine craft??? Makes no sense.

  • KillForGood

    Shit-talking in games is practically human nature, but threats of violence over a nerfed gun? Goddamn. It’s hard to defend the gaming community when stories like this start to surface. I think the feeling of of anonymity plays a huge part in making shit like this actually happen, and that it’s all bark and no bite. But the problem still stands that these thoughts actually come into these kid’s heads, and I’m guessing that it stems from too much video game playing. So are gamers becoming dumber? Maybe, but there’s definitely a rise in people who play them too much, and will take them this seriously.

    • Jackie__Chan

      I totally agree with this.

  • Josiah Grey

    People in my generation brag about being born in the 90s clearly my generation is definitely nothing to brag about x) Ah man, this world. We need a do over!

  • Grimmjow Jaggerjack

    I hope no one spams on your website bro

  • LeonTheTalib

    ‘Fwuck u MWN, we gon’ get ur azz’

  • Jelandee

    It kinda leaves them in their own little world, as you said, like an escape from reality, people want to take it further, act like they can do anything they do in a video game, eventually making that a part of their personality, and congratulations, you got the stereotypical COD fanboy.

    • Jackie__Chan

      Well said

  • Gamer41

    One of the more lame things about this ( I know the death threats are ridiculous) is that a ton of pro players say they are quitting the game because of this. I think its pretty damn retarded and shows a lack of support for the series when these so called pros act like a bunch of crying kids who had their ice cream taken away. The majority of the CoD community is bad but when the pros start acting like the normal rabble on the forums then it takes it to a new low. If that’s even possible.

  • Awesomkia

    I don’t think people should have to walk on egg shells about what they post on a stupid gaming forum. While that old woman was ratting to the cops about some kid joking about shooting up a school; some psycho is actually planning on doing it.

  • ScrubgettinSALTY

    People these days just don’t use their heads enough for instance the guy that said he was going to shoot up his school.. idk why he would say that when recently we been having things like that actually happen. He got the opposite response and ruined himself. These people that are obsessed with COD need to stop raging behind a screen and remember its only a game. Parents also just need to spank their kids sometime.

  • zuriel_H morpheus

    It’s the parents fault, if you let your kids play all these violent games and stuff, watch what they do is all I have to say. BLAME THE PARENTS (LINDSEY LOHAN, AMANDA BYNES, THAT CRAZY FOOTBALL PLAYER WHO IS CHARGED WITH MURDER, and etc…)

  • Nafis Daughtry

    All these keyboard warriors probably never rumbled before.

  • ProSwervez

    Some people get too involved in these games and then see it as their life

  • Masterofshakes

    This would be what I call the “Competitive Gamers” I have 3 classifications that I go by for gamers and this would be it. They over do everything. They try hard just to be the best.

    • Jackie__Chan

      For no reason. I understand if its making you money, but if you not getting paid for it I see no reason to break your neck to be good at a single video game.

  • Dalba

    this is the reason why i am giving my child my snes y nsixty4

  • Truthbro

    naa i read somewhere a guy was talking trash on cod and the dude found out where he lived and called the swat team on them O.O no lie its just a game lol

  • KingSolomon’Son

    Their all kids and act just like that one white kid whose parents canceled the world of warcraft subscription they gave him and he decided to rub a remote controller in his booty hole and have a mini seizure, smh

  • VQ

    The only time where I really rage in video games is when I’m having trouble on levels or checkpoints

    • Jackie__Chan

      Genji the Blade of the Samurai game on the ps3 will piss you off so much!

      • MF hounDOOM

        Checkpoints on Tomb Raider can piss me off

  • MF hounDOOM

    These CoD Cyberthugs are giving gamers in my generation (2000s kids) a bad name.
    There’s this one dude from my school talks about nothing but 360 no scopes and killing noobs.
    Then, he tries to be MWN and make his own channel called WalkingWhileBlack and make trolling videos and black guy tales that aren’t funny

  • Jackie__Chan

    Niggas taking these games to heart man. Just play and shut the fuck up.