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What Happened To Custom Controls?

What Happened To Custom Controls?

If you read my first impressions on Splinter Cell: Blacklist you’d know I didn’t like the controls. I felt the way you move in and out of cover is counter productive. That’s when I had a thought. What happened to custom controls in games? Most games now days don’t allow you switch your button layout to how you see fit. Hell most games don’t even give you the option of multiple button layouts you can choose from. So if the controls are trash you’re out of luck. Why is this? Have developers become lazy? Is it not enough time to develop multiple layouts? Most the time controls are well thought out so this doesn’t matter. But different layouts is beneficial. The tactical layout in COD single handily took my K/D ratio from a 1.0 to a 2.0. I know that’s not amazing to the pros, but that’s a solid improvement and it be higher if I actually took the game seriously. So what’s the difference between the default layout and tactical one in COD? With the tactical layout the knifing button is moved from the analog stick to the b button. The analog stick changes your stance. It make it a lot easier to drop shot and knife in my opinion. That set up might not work for you, but sure as hell works for me. It never hurts to have variety. I just don’t like being forced to use counter productive controls regardless if I’m able to adapt or not.

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  • Mr_KickFactuals

    Its either one of the two imo.

    1.» These dudes are lazy as fuck and have adopted a microsoft “Fuck with me or fuck with me not” attitude when it comes to this controller shit


    2.» Not enough people have complained so they don’t think its thats serious.

  • blt54321

    Well, if you’re on PC you could make your own custom controls for your controller using Xpadder and if you’re using the keyboard and mouse the controls are almost always rebind-able. I have a RAT 9 too so I can set certain buttons on my mouse which is extremely helpful as well like for switching weapons.

  • habookaya

    man you strugglin in all kind of things

  • Leo Fiasco Del Valle

    “The tactical layout in COD single handily took my K/D ratio from a 1.0 to a 2.0″

    This right here helped me like crazy smh . I never took the time to notice that for real , they need to bring custom controls back .

  • Digital-Devil

    Yeah, I also agree that developers should implement custom controls in their games just in case one of the multiple control options don’t work for you. I know it takes some time to do but your customers will thank you for it.