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5 Reasons Why Next Gen Can Wait

5 Reasons Why Next Gen Can Wait

Couldn’t agree with this video more. Although I would have thrown Arkham Origin’s on the list. The multiplayer might turn out to be compelling.

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  • Jay

    Pretty Legit couldn’t agree anymore but im still getting GTA V and ps4

  • HorseMouthNigga

    This nigga really likes his GTA5. I really do agree though. Gta5 coming out isn’t exactly making me rush out to get either of the next gen consoles.

  • Flat Top Shaman

    Words never spoken so true.

  • Rileythekungfupuppy

    When he said saints row 4 I was like WHAAT!!!!!! lol similar to when mwn said black ops 2 on top 10 2012 games of the year

    • George Walker aka blaze

      zombies because of zombies

  • Rileythekungfupuppy

    MWN you know batman is coming to next gen to so maybe that’s why it’s not on their list

  • Leo Fiasco Del Valle

    I didnt expect this at all lol . But hes right af

  • Jazz

    For me, i’m really just sticking with this Gen because of Destiny. :T

  • Real_Negro101

    this list is ok but i will have batman need to be on there

  • Apex Negro

    I’ve been an official Rockstar Games fanboy since they released “The Warriors” back in 2005. So glad to see how far they’ve gotten. Although this man’s reasoning may seem one-sided, he’s definitely right.

  • Mano Lester

    What the acctual fuck? All the CoD players play GTA what they don’t know is it will suck

  • KingSolomon’Son

    I say let everybody else buy the ps4 and let them test out their software on the cosumers I’ll be following this upstanding man’s lead and play me some GTA 5

  • Dwayne Grant

    I’m not upgrading until the new hardware comes out and I see a bundle that I like. Until then…. GTA V lol

  • ZBiggs

    haha, that nigga said saints row 4

  • George Walker aka blaze

    is anyone else waiting for the ps4 slim

  • oUniversityOfGeorgiaBruho

    They need to hurry up and announced the GTA 5 PC version release date.

  • Jessie Brown III

    With this game primed for its release I don’t really see why there would be a rush for next gen purchases, in my opinion this game shouldn’t be for next gen, why? Its because this game should basically set the aspects of a game bar for any game on those “new gen” consoles. I would refuse to buy any half ass game for 60 bucks if at all if that game has no ambition or if this gens consoles could have easily pulled it off.

  • BIGWORM4_45

    I would wait to get the ps4 but I’ve had the same PS3 since 2007 and its dying thats the later half of my childhood. I remeber when I took my ps2 out of misery. Hopefully my ps3 won’t have a problem with running GTA5.

  • DeadPool

    What about my game guys?

  • WarsD3ath
  • KingCarcere

    Only games I play are made by Rockstar. Glad to see the servers for GTA 5 won’t be so lonely like GTA 4. That game’s multiplayer makes me depressed.

  • SlowPole

    My GTA 5 hype is through the roof. Cant help it.

  • John Fernandez

    im waiting for GTA V!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wesley Roberson

    Shit was hilarious lol but nah the real reason is to not be a test dummy. besides, its gone have 3, 4 different versions of each console before they really get em right

  • TiberiusJonez

    Even though my PC is 3 years old, its still capable of playing new releases at high settings so I really feel no need to get a new console anytime soon. When I do it will probably be an XB1 though.