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Valve Teases Steam Box

Valve Teases Steam Box

I think the Steam Boxes success depends on specs/price. This thing has to be able to play most PC games on high settings at 60fps and be 400 or below. It would entice those people who are interested in PC games, but don’t want to pay that premium price. Wouldn’t be a top notch PC, but would match what the X1/PS4 are going to do. Then the benefit of the Steam Box would be the game prices. You get the performance of a next-gen console with cheap PC game prices. That would be a killer machine, but that’s just my opinion.

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  • Mr_KickFactuals

    I hope valve is smart with this one. It has a chance to correct where the ouya fucked up at. If it allows gamers to use it as a PC so they can play with other PC gamer, I’m gonna recommend it to all my friends who keep using that “Nah nigga, I don’t wanna pay 9 mill for a PC to play games” excuse. Would be much excited to get more black gamers onto that PC movement.Black PC gamers like myself are kinda scarce these days.

    • Ratede91

      Nah. Black gamers are useless lol. my homeboy was telling me to download some steam games on to his laptop from like 2002. LMFAO unless Steam sets up a UI that looks like some Studio audio recording software, then they want have a chance. (Sarcasm) But aye. The more people I can play with on these small populated indie games the better.

    • Letalis Metalis Omier

      Its not super expensive to even make a decent gaming rig. an AMD APU or CPU and a low end GPU can even let you play BF3 not at the best settings but if you play video games for the graphics then your a dumb fuck. Of course if you got the money by all means go ahead! Then there are those who don’t want to invest in a pc because it so much more “harder” then my simple console. I’m not trying to be a PC elitist just wondering why all my friends give me that shitty excuse.

      • MarylandNerd

        I feel the same they dont want to “INVEST” when the fact is they want a machine a caveman can use for example (CAVEMAN VOICE) DISC. DISC GOES IN TRAY I PLAY GTA V LOW SETTINGS ON 500 dollar console when my broke ass could wait and get a PC. Wow that turned ugly

      • oUniversityOfGeorgiaBruho

        The reason people ride for PC gaming so hard is the graphics. On every Xbox One and PS4 video you have some PC niggas saying they had graphics better than that 4 years ago. When people hate on CoD what do they complain about? Them using the same engine and the graphics not improving. So yea, graphics are important.

        • Letalis Metalis Omier

          If your “broke” and struggle to afford super nice graphics for a PC build why would you care about the graphics at that point? I remember when I built my first rig, yea it was cheap with integrated graphics. Had to use this piece of shit for some time and could not play all the new exclusives. I was happy if I could get a game on 20 fps. This made me put more emphasis on the GAME over graphics. Nigga you want super graphics and not spend money? PC is affordable, shit I bought a GTX 520 for 80 bucks. It played borderlands, BC2, LoL, WoW GTA series and Crysis! Buy a cheap ass AMD chip and a 200 buck GPU and you are set for most PC gaming. I’m really tired of the excuse its expensive, its expensive if you buy retail. Build it yourself! That is where the problem comes, these niggas don’t want to google how to build a pc and try to do it because they are some lazy ass niggas.Yea you sure suffer the struggle if you can afford to be lazy.

    • MarylandNerd

      Im white but I am tired of playing a game and finding some bitch ass 9 year old or some bragging 30 year old white man. god damn shut the fuck and play the game we need more culture in games these days. God I was born in the wrong skin like shit

      • oUniversityOfGeorgiaBruho

        If by born in the wrong skin you mean you should be black…then naw..we don’t want you.
        If you didn’t mean that, then disregard this.

      • jjamesonthekid

        I fucks with you 3Hunna percent all the way. I accept all cultures as long as we can all game in peace.

  • blt54321

    I’m thinking like an i3 (or amd equivalent), a 7850, 4gb RAM, and a 450 watt power supply. At retail prices that’s only about $350 add in a case and motherboard and you would be at around $400-$450.

    • oUniversityOfGeorgiaBruho

      A 7850 wouldn’t run most games on high at 50-60 settings. It’s a lower end gpu that cost about $120. If it was that good niggas wouldn’t be wasting $1000 on Titans or $400 or 7970s(which I have and Crysis 3 still pushes it).

      • blt54321

        Of course it won’t run every game on ultra, but the majority of games out there will be fine, here’s some benchmarks:
        Only 2 games dip to like 40 fps which are hitman absolution and metro lastlight, that’s pretty good. You only buy a titan for extreme things 1440p and 120fps things like that.

  • Astronomikal

    I can already run windows on my mac, so I much prefer that than a steam box

  • Flat Top Shaman

    This would be a pretty good move for Valve. If this doesn’t spiral into a tailspin on fire then this could help make Valve and Steam a more of a household name rather than just something gamers are only really aware of. But Valve has yet to disappoint so fingers crossed.

  • Christian

    The real reason why PC isn’t popular is because of…well popular opinion. PC gamers are still associated with those fat slobs and WoW freaks like that one kid on YouTube(by the general public of course). That is why people ask 360 or PS3 and PC is left out. Plus there is the factor of the small monitior(I know there is a way to do it but it required cords which may inconveince others). Not to mention if you get a virus, then you can’t game no more(depends on severity). That is what I think.

  • George Walker aka blaze


  • afro ninja313

    [Insert generic Half Life 3 joke here]