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Why I Don’t Score Game Reviews

Why I Don’t Score Game Reviews

Have you ever wondered why I don’t score my game reviews? I’ve said this when I first started my channel, but I doubt most of you have heard this. It’s because a number is superficial and people are less likely to try something new if say it were associated with a 7. Doesn’t matter if there’s a lot of fun to be had with that 7. It’s a 7 … “I’m not trying it” is the mind frame of a sheep. But what I want to talk about today didn’t get a 7. Gamespot gave GTA5 a 9 out a of 10 today. Sounds good right? Not according to the coons raging in the comment section. Some of the things I was seeing makes you lose faith in humanity. The reviewer docked some points because she’s didn’t agree with the sexism found in the game. Sexism has always been in GTA, so I didn’t agree, but she didn’t like it & it didn’t make me feel any type of way.

A review is just a glorified opinion and her review doesn’t necessarily reflect on Gamespot as whole because they have hundreds of contributors to their site. Didn’t help that the one who reviewed it was a transgendered woman which just added flames to the fire. All this over because she gave it a 9 out of 10. “Die tranny … this trannies brain doesn’t work right … burn in hell tranny!”. These were some of the things I was seeing in the comments. Regardless of how you feel about transgender people it’s no excuse for this. The hell does this persons lifestyle how to do with a video game review?

We’re sending death threats to a person who gave a game an A minus. An A minus folks. The gaming industry surpassed the movie industry as the most grossing form of entertainment. Yet we still get no respect as gamers and this is why. What makes it worse is the average gamer is 30 years old. So a lot these comments are grown ass men. Most haven’t even played the game because it doesn’t come out until tomorrow, so how you know if it’s a perfect 10? From watching a few trailers? You got this situation going on Syria that could start world war 3, The government is taking more & more rights from us left & right & you mad a game got a 9 out of ten? Bruh….

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  • Rileythekungfupuppy


  • HNIC_Hassan

    its all about the money in reviews especially with gamespot

  • JHP


  • Leo Fiasco Del Valle

    Smfh I dont understand people at all . The threats and comments are ridiculous .

  • Astronomikal

    And of course they just HAD to make these violent and hateful comments on a Grand Theft Auto video…smh I’m done


    It’s disgusting what people said and, it just makes
    all gamers look. I would have been mad if the review was bad but it wasn’t, It
    went in depth talking about the game and she praised it in a lot of aspects and
    talked about how she didn’t like some of the character development and people
    just get so sad and post things like a bunch of mindless zombies. Like I said in the beginning, it just makes gamers look bad…

  • Francis Ricard

    People these day, god dammit they are fucking idiots…

  • Altai

    I fully expected the tranny dude to get bodied with insults, people have a tendency to say ridiculous things over nothing on the internet just because the’re no consequences. Why do you think it’s so easy to be called a nigger on PSN/XBox LIVE? Because most of the people saying that shit are soft-spoken little bitches in real life and thus feel the need to amplify their true feelings where they won’t receive consequences for stating them. And these are the people that make gamers look immature, when is the last time you heard of a cinema fanatic calling people faggots over a bad movie review? Think about that.

  • Mr_KickFactuals

    I honestly didn’t pay this shit too much mind.I saw it as just some e-thugs being butt hurt.But learning that these dudes really went after this persons personal life has me real disappointed in that side of the gaming community.This bullshit spawns from the fact that most people are tough as shit behind a keyboard.But hey, bitch ass niggas will be bitch ass niggas,

  • Ratede91

    Not trying to dick ride, bruh, but MWN’s system of Rating is perfect. Buy > wait for price to drop > rent > Pass it up. That works perfectly because there might be a amazing game thats only 6 hours long. Rent that mufucka and save you some money. There might be an okay game with alot of content, just wait for the price to drop. MWN’s reviews are like reading between the lines of these conventional reviews talking about graphics n shit. I always check out this dudes reviews, even if I don’t even want the game he’s reviewing because he does what nobody else does.


      Real shit a game could be highly rated and u get it and u beat it the same day. $60? no rent that shit

  • mikey

    Smh. No comment

  • Flat Top Shaman

    The majority of us know that there are gamers out there who do hold firm the stereotype that we as a community are nothing more than immature recluses who are to pretentious to even talk with people outside our Clans or Guilds. Most of us are apathetic when we see this, but we still carry the baggage that our lesser halves keep throwing on our backs. So here’s an idea that I just got after reading this article and this would be the first time I’ve even tried this. Why not counter-act the nonsense? I don’t mean be hostile, but rather give that person a dose of sense. If you see someone say some hateful shit, then why not say “Dude, have some respect for the community your representing.” And by no means do I mean trying to make every “Faggot,Whore,Nigger,etc.” commenter repent for what they’ve said in every Youtube comment, but rather if you have the thought “Damn, this dude needs to shut the fuck up” why not knock him with something thought provoking. I know I’ll try and it’s sure of a hell lot better than doing nothing and complaining that the public/media doesn’t respect us.

  • Jayshaun James

    Maaan, between this shit and the Call Of Duty Death Threats it makes me wonder why we should even be surprised or pay attention when shit like this happens. I can’t even focus on the fact that GTA is KNOWINGLY sexist is because there are HUNDREDS of other issues for Women i could devote my time to. Like that poor girl in India who was Gangraped and murdered on the way to see Life Of Pi (condolences to her family and her Male Friend who was put in the hospital.) MWN, Yahztee Croshaw from Zero Punctuation, there’s a reason why the better half of Game Reviewing doesn’t use arbitrary and shallow Number Systems.

  • DeeJ

    But MWN when you tell us, “I highly recommend you wait till the price drops” or “This game is well worth the full price. Isn’t that considered some form of rating? or “scoring”?

    • George Walker aka blaze

      obviously he never said he wasn’t scoring, but what he does is give you opinionated suggestion about the game, while with number scoring it seems to define the game. and as he said he believes when you put numbers it seems to change the mindset making people on a percentage basis and everyone knows anything under 80 % isn’t all that good

  • habookaya

    WoW. thats real nigga talk

  • johnjohnson

    he be goin hard on these rants