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NBA Live 14 First Look Trailer

NBA Live 14 First Look Trailer

Well looks like EA’s back to give 2k some competition. First impressions … looks like a basketball game *Kanye Shrug*

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  • HNIC_Hassan

    i hope the game looks almost as good as this theatrical, but atleast they got that action bronson in the trailer lol

  • TheFlockLeader

    gotta feeling once you get to the gameplay it’s gonna look like a ps2 game

  • blt54321

    Lmao why do people buy sports games every year they’re worse then COD by far.

    • Ratede91

      With a statement like that, I don’t even understand how you found this website. You sound waaaay too close-minded. Let me break it down for you. Why do sports games release every year? because certain companies have a monopoly on the genre. Do you think people would buy Madden every year if there were more companies competing to release the BEST football game? And stop sounding like a hypocrite. I’m pretty sure you buy a genre of game MORE than once a year… I mean, unless you broke and can’t afford it.

      • blt54321

        Yah no, if a company has a monopoly on a genre and it’s the same every single year why buy it? And of course I buy multiple games of the same genre every year but they aren’t from the same people in the same series. I bought 70 games this year and none of them are from the same series except saints row 2&3 but that was part of a humble bundle soo yah. (games that are shit NFS, COD, 2K**, MADDEN, FIFA, and any other game that brings literally nothing new.

        • Ratede91

          And that’s my point. let me quote you. “And of course I buy multiple games of the same genre every year but they aren’t from the same people in the same series.” The sports fans can’t do the same, unless: They are a cartoony spin off of an actual sport (Mario golf), or if it’s a soccer or tennis game. those two games come in many different flavors. EA has a monopoly on the majority of Sports titles so sports fans have no choice BUT to buy the same game every year. That’s why “people buy sports games every year….”

          • blt54321

            Dude, you don’t have to buy anything unless you want to. If every game I played was virtually the same I wouldn’t play video games at all.

          • KingIcarus

            You gotta look at it from a different point of view, Sports gamers are different gamers then say a JRPG player or a Action gamer. They generally are people who liek sports. The niggas i know who play sports games love the sport so much thats all they like. Each new titles adds in new updates such as roster, teams, technology. Its not like nba 2k 13 was the EXACT same as 12 and those who play those games notice the few tweaks, controls, players, rosters etc etc

          • blt54321

            Yah, I get it I just don’t get why people hate on call of duty all the time when sports games do the exact same things.

          • KingIcarus

            The main thing is now a days all shooters are the same and they dont have to be. There is a lane for much more diversity in terms of shooting then a sports game. You can do so much more with it. basketball will always be basketball and football always football, but a shooter can be so many things as we seen with games like borderlands. COD has re used the same formula, which at first worked MW and MW 2 were great but way into COD ghost its just over done and i can say im tired of it now

    • Mr_KickFactuals

      Agree to disagree you two. Some people think its the same shit every year. and others like playing for a refined experience.Take this stance on all title repeats, it will save you time and money.

  • BadlKarma

    Finally. NBA Live is back 2K suckers!! & lookin alright cant complain(even tho that aint actual gameplay)

  • KingIcarus

    Always liked NBA live over 2k was kinda sad to see it go away though i suk at sports game regardless. If only their was ever a madden competitor.