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12 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid 5

12 Minutes Of Metal Gear Solid 5

Here’s 12 minutes of new game play of  MGS5. It was featured on the stage of the Tokyo Game show. TGS is Japan’s E3 for those who don’t know. It’s a pretty big deal.

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  • Astronomikal

    This is gonna make Splinter Cell look like it didn’t even try

  • Mr_KickFactuals

    Splinter Cell: Red Dead Redemption, release in 2014. lmbao let me stop talking shit. This game looks amazing and if it plays like the other metal gears, im sure the gameplays gonna be amazing. Excited for that story! But back to playing GTA though . -_-

  • Letalis Metalis Omier

    I HOPE they make it good as peace maker.