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PS4 Supports Capture Cards

PS4 Supports Capture Cards

Last week Machinima posted a video claiming an inside source told them PS4 wouldn’t support external capture cards. These are devices us content creators use to capture HQ game play. It set the internet on fire and had a lot of people worried. If this were to have happened what it would have meant is you wouldn’t get reviews & other videos from the working man. These big companies get custom capture cards, so you would have still seen PS4 reviews from Gamespot, IGN ect, but some people prefer a working mans opinion.

Well Sony put those rumors to rest during their keynote address at TGS. They announced the PS4 will support capture cards & one of Sony’s higher ups confirmed it via twitter as well

Playstation 4 launches in North America on November 15th.


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  • Astronomikal

    Cool, would’ve been a bad move if they had done that

  • GameUpOrShutUp

    as a playstation consumer who captures video gamplay for ps3 this would have destroyed any chance of me getting a ps4 thank you for this review

  • Jayshaun James

    And now the quest to make Sony and YouTube synonymous continues!
    Thank God my channel will actually weather this Shit Storm.
    Next-Gen here we come!

  • oUniversityOfGeorgiaBruho

    So this debunks the rumor that PS4 gameplay won’t be able to be put on youtube or something, right?

    • DarkKnightFabiio

      Yeah bro….kinda in the fine print.

  • Mr_KickFactuals

    And just like that, there goes any edge the x1 had. *Billcosby shrug*

  • Whenmusichityoufeelnopain

    The xbox one is better than the ps4 aaaaaaannnnnnnddddddd its gone

  • George Walker aka blaze

    why the gta 5 pictures ??????????????

    • ModernWarNegro

      GTA has nothing to really do with the image. It’s a screen shot of Elgato’s game capture software. It’s a screen shot of what I just so happen to be playing at the moment.

  • Flat Top Shaman

    Well this is just good news for everyone who was gonna Watchdogs “Let’s Plays”. Meaning Everyone.

  • Aroc23

    Machinima, IGN, Gamespot, and every outlet like them need to stop using “reliable insider secret Konoha Ninja sources” as their main basis of information. They’re worse than TMZ nowadays.

    • ModernWarNegro

      Actually their sources were correct as the PS4 currently blocks game recording. A patch will be released after the PS4′s launch to unblock the blocker. No date was given when the patch is coming. So they were correct & Sony is only patching it because the secret got out.

      • Aroc23

        Well damn. Thanks for the info.

  • KingIcarus

    glad to see Sony keeps the good things rollin

  • Real_Negro101

    Look like the Call of Duty Fanboy will buy the sony ps4 and start bitching about how they get no fan on there channel