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COD Ghost | First Impressions

COD Ghost | First Impressions

COD - Story1I’m 4 hours into the story & I’ve played a couple hours of multiplayer. Where do I start? Oh boy … ok um … The Campaign. The best way to describes Ghosts story is mind numbing.It opens up with a father and two sons having a moment. The game doesn’t even bother to establish who these people are or why they’re sitting with dad having this moment. Didn’t matter because I was impressed Ghosts was TRYING to set up a story at all.

Keyword here is trying because 20 seconds into this sentimental moment America’s under attack! LASERS ARE COMING FROM SPACE. SHIT BLOWS UP, YOU’RE RUNNING, DUCKING CARNAGE AND IT’S JUST ONE BIG BRO FEST! All this giant cliché needed was some dub step music to complete this big testosterone induced experience. From there the game cuts to you being in space. This story was designed with ADHD people in mind.

As for the multiplayer … same shit, different toilet. The biggest thing I noticed was the map sizes. The maps are big for Call Of Duty. I’ve seen some COD commentators on twitter complaining that they’re battlefield sized maps, but those people clearly haven’t played battlefield. You fly jets in BF4 … so no there is no comparison. The maps are just big compared to previous COD games. It hasn’t been one map that I liked. Not cause of their size, but piss poor design. It’s hard coming from BF4 that has AMAZING map design and switching over to this if I’m coming across as harsh.COD - Story 1

There’s new game modes. Haven’t tried them out yet, but from my understanding most are just variations of old game modes. The new perk system throws a giant cluster fuck of a menu at you without really explaining how to set up classes. It also seems like guns have less recoil than ever. It’s literally just point & shoot. I like the new watch dog kill streak. After 5 kills you can summon a dog to run around and get kills with. It’s more kill streaks, but I doubt I’ll ever use the higher ones because I don’t care enough to try that hard.

That being said the little that I did care was often spent raging at the fact the game has these bigger maps yet the spawns are still messed up. Too many times did I spawn & I’m instantly shot because I’m right next to the enemy. Once again this annoyed me more than usual because I just finished with BF4 which has a great buddy spawn system. I’ve spent more time being annoyed & yawning with Ghost more than anything. Sad thing is I’m really trying to like this game because it seems like the cool thing now to hate on COD, but I just can’t … this series has become ZzzZZzzZZZzZZzzZZz

Review coming soon….

Call Of Duty Ghosts is now available for PC, 360 & PS3.

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    Lol can’t wait for that review

    • alex

      you and me both playa

  • Anthony Monroe

    So the story is a Michael bay production lol

  • Altai

    Oh shit you allow comments again? Time to get back to holding this mofo down.

    • ModernWarNegro

      It’s not that I didn’t allow them. Some how in the process of upgrading to dedicated servers it got shut down & I had to figure out how to fix it, but now it’s all good!

      • Altai

        Good to hear, I deadass thought you just got tired of niggas commenting.

  • Matt Salazar

    SO i take it you just dont like COD ??

  • Bklyn Boy

    i looked at it on youtube looks like mw3 (which i hated) so with the youtube gameplay and this review now i definitely know not to get it thanks mwn

  • wegoinhaaam

    I agree with what you said but i kinda like the create-a-class this time around. But other than that its cheeks

  • Rileythekungfupuppy

    This franchise will never die because of the mindless drones who bitch about it but continue to buy it the definition of insanity

    • Jessie Brown III

      whether or not it dies is irrelevant seein as i stopped buying after MW3. alot of people on my friends list is spammin the hell out of me asking me variations of if im getting ghosts to which i retort “HELL NAW!” this whole thing is over

    • TiberiusJonez


  • Meltimbro

    This game is bullshit. I cant believe they said that they could beat gta in sales. Im glad I didnt waste my money on this shit. Me and my 64 dollars are going to the strip club. Put my money to a better cause.

  • Aroc23

    I’m surprised the single player is over 4 hours.

  • TiberiusJonez

    Hmmm, apparently commenting only works with Mozilla? Anyway, played the Ghosts campaign too and while I enjoyed parts of it (unlike most people I liked the space bits just cause it was different) most of it really is the same old shit. A big ass shooting gallery full of dumb enemies and dumber “characters” involved in a non-existent plot. Gonna stick to BF4 for my online fix.

  • Zaire Wilson

    I personally don’t mind it. I mean, its not worth the price tag, but its better than black ops. More options when it comes to customization and shit, and hey, what more do you want from call of duty, and no offence MWN, but don’t buy it just because he didn’t like it. Like rent it or something and try it for yourself. That’s all I got to say.

  • Leo Fiasco Del Valle

    Honestly , after playing the game for the past few days , I don’t think the game is that bad . Yes it has flaws but every game has flaws .
    I like that they tried to change the game up some by adding aspects from BattleField and other games .

    The game is alot slower compared to the previous installments and the maps are very big in comparison but no one can do an honest review until they play it for the “Next-Gen” consoles , in which this game was intended for . They dumbed the game down for the Xbox and PS3 which is why its not playing correctly . I heard a few rumors that the game is supposed to be 9v9 regular and 12v12 for ground war which sounds like it will balance things out . So I have nothing negative or positive until I play it on the intended consoles .

  • HNIC_Hassan

    that dubstep shit had me dyin lmfao

  • AlexanderTheGreat10

    bf4 is the same shit. So idk if you are being biased or what because i have played all the Bf games and they are good, but don’t act like BF4 is any different from the others…

    • Eva Unit Juan

      I can explode a giant damn and flood a city… Anyways for BF the only thing that needs to change in each BF game is the maps

  • Anthony L. Vou Ton

    youtube . com /anthonyhova