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Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate Review

There’s been a disturbing trend going on lately with PS Vita games. They’re being ported to other platforms up res’d

We Want Hyper Dragonball Z!

What do you get when you combine elements from Marvel vs Capcom, Dragonball Z and a little bit of love?

Love Socom? Support Its Successor From @SOFstudios

  It’s no secret I’m not a bigger shooter fan these days. I’ve just been feeling all shooter’d out. I’m

Why Respawn Shouldn’t Make Titanfall Competitive.

If you’ve been following our streams over the past week you’d know it’s no secret I’m a fan of Titanfall.

Battlefield 4 Woes Continue

Some might say DICE & EA can’t catch a break, but no the consumer is the one who can’t catch

My Concerns With The 360 Version Of Titanfall

Titanfall being an Xbox One exclusive is slightly misleading. It’s actually a Microsoft exclusive meaning it’s going to be released