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The Wolf Among Us Season 1 Review

The Wolf Among Us, Telltale’s second big success, has definitely earned its place on the shelf of must play games.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Speculation

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse is shaping up to be the most innovative DBZ game yet. Last week we saw some gameplay

The Assassination of Gaming Studio’s Lesson 1: Naturally Occurring Poisons

  On the last episode of The Gaming Illuminaughty, the crew mentioned things that might be killing so many studios,

A Response to Egoraptor’s Latest Sequelitis

Before I begin weighing in with my actual opinion, I would like to first present my Legend of Zelda “credentials.”

Is EA really as bad as the community thinks?

EA, why do we hate you? EA has always been the company that the gaming community loves to hate. We

Thought on Naruto Shippuden: Revolution Demo

With the release of the upcoming Naruto Storm game just on the horizon (September 16th, everyone), developers have released its demo

This Video Game Rapper Sets Black People Back 100 Years

I honestly believe there needs to be some type of test for people to get internet access. Something like a

Road To Total Slaughter Episode 4

The Total Slaughter event is this weekend, July 12th at 8pm eastern! You can order the PPV at This

Do It For The Vine (You Just Might Want To)

Vine can not only waste hours of your day, but could possibly make you bank. Last June, I was introduced

“Alpha & Omega”- A Decade Later

This October will mark the 10-year anniversary of the release of Bizzy Bone’s “Alpha & Omega” album. This was an

Shadow Warrior Coming To PS4 & Xbox One

This game has been out since 2013 on the PC, however it is now finding its way onto consoles this

Tittsworth Ft. Q-Tip, Theophilus London – After The Dance

I know, I know..the name of the DJ is catchy, right!? Who doesn’t like Tits?! This track is definitely something

Wale – The Followers

When Wale stays in his lane, he makes great music.  Something smooth for your listening ears.  

Signed To The Streets 2 Is Here

Chicago rapper, Lil Durk who is affiliated with the French Montana’s Coke Boyz, has released his second installment to his